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Learning to be Human. What was your first thought when you read that? Mine: Do I have to really learn to be human? I am born human. Yup…and your true humanness might end right there.

Start with birth. As soon as we are born, the conditioning starts. Maybe it is the colors we see, the clothes we wear. Maybe it is the toys we play with. Maybe the books that are read to us. 

How do we process what we hear around us? The opinions, the tenor and volume of voice. What is on TV in the background? What music is playing? How do we absorb this?

Then we enter school. Studies show the education system stifles our curiosity. Our big world shrinks a little. The path is laid out in front of us and it is narrow. In the years that follow happiness and success are defined for us and constantly reinforced. We assume many identities. We fall asleep to possibility. We fall asleep to wonder. We fall asleep to life.

Yikes! I am depressing myself writing this. Does any of this resonate with you?

You may be thinking, “Come on, life is not preordained like you have laid it out.” True. For some, it looks nothing like the above. It is way better. They break out of the conditioning, widen the path. For others, the evolution can be worse. For most, though, it is as stated.  So, how can I get back to the possibilities of my birth? 

Awaken to love.

Learning to be Human is about choosing love over fear. We fear pushing back against conditioning.  We cling to identity and labels because it is easier (maybe less lonely) than freedom. Choosing this path almost feels like to choosing to be a robot rather than a human being. We simply accept the programming they (who is they btw?) “download” into us. And for most, it’s bad software leading to lots of errors and suffering. Sorry, but I am sticking with this analogy, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can purge the software, delete the program, hit reset!

Choose love. 

Love is about freedom, acceptance and non-attachment. Love gets us back to the essence of our birth. Love restores our humanness. Learn to love. Learn to be Human.

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