To grow most effectively, a relationship (mentor) can help navigate the various nuances, uncertainty, and challenges life hands you. Research has shown that having an authentic connection that allows you total freedom, unconditional acceptance, and mutual benefit provides a useful guide as life’s journey unfolds.

At Learning To Be Human (LTBH), we believe that good mentors are enthusiastic people, enjoying their role in helping others achieve their goals. Our mentoring faculty has years of experience and considered by many experts in assisting others to be their best selves. Each mentor not only has credentials in various aspects of human development but has years of practice. Additional qualities include optimism, enthusiasm, and openness. Our team works to determine a good fit, respect for self and others, and appreciate creating a “container” to engender respect for self and others.

The format is one-on-one for a year of weekly engagements. The process is akin to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, including a three-phase interaction highlighting three major phases:

Departure, Initiation, and Return.
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