June’s Love Letter

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The Ministry of the Mirror

“The older I get, the more I meet people, the more convinced I am that we must only work on ourselves, to grow in grace. The only thing we can do about people is to love them.” Dorothy Day

So far, I haven’t shared or indulged in a conversation on love directly with you. So far, I have made only secondary subliminal references to the energy of love. Stay with me! 

Patience, sometimes experienced as waiting, stillness, and silence, is a core utility in any love conversation. 

What do you notice in your body when you are required to be patient? 

Over the next few months, I will focus and amplify how to “see” ourselves first, then and only then can we appreciate our so-called Neighbor and begin the love journey! 

We are ALL Miracles!! 

If you are unable to “see” others as Miracles, that’s where your development begins on learning to be human!

What must I “see” in me to adopt a mindset that everyone is a Miracle?

Is there a perspective within my physical, mental, relational, or spiritual views that needs to be “seen” differently?

Within my physical, mental, relational, spiritual life is there a perspective that needs to be “seen” differently?

What about me I am mostly blind to?

When looking at yourself in the mirror what do you see?

Love always, Gerry Bouey

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