Humanity has been able to harness various energy components on earth, including oil, coal, wood, water, and solar, to run technological progress. The evolution of the physical reality and its success has helped us all objectively advance our well-being. We have not made strives in the subjective realm, mostly identify as heart issues, experienced mostly on how effective we are with our interactions. A question has emerged on whether we create conditions, an environment where love can be accumulated, produced, and distributed to the larger environment? A

Harvard Dean of Sociology offered that with the appropriate mindset and practices, the energy of love can be produced by “power stations” of love. Pitirim further writes:

“…in the fields of science, philosophy, religion, technology, or the fine arts is also a gigantic power station generating the energies of truth and beauty. So far as these energies are transformable into the energy of love (and vice versa), an increase in the number of these heroes of truth and beauty leads indirectly to an increase in the production of love (and vice versa).”

Learning To Be Human is dedicated to helping awaken the world to the innate energy of love. We are a “Power Station”! Our learning labs facilitate the accumulation, production, and distribution of love benefiting themselvesand others in the process. We accomplish that through our mentorship programs, helping individuals see themselves through a paradigm of love. Workshops and seminars are offered to equip and power-up purveyors of love’s energy.

Do you want to be, or have your organization become a power station of love? Do you want to enhance your ability to listen to messages from the heart? Do you want to learn how to choose love over fear? Do you want to see and experience love’s energy more often? Contact us today!